The Total Package
 An Inexpensive and Effective Ways for Protection When Your Home and While You are Away​  
● Check all doors & windows for gaps, install weather-stripping if needed
    ● Check wall & outlet plugs for air leaks, repair with proper insulation                     where needed
    ● Check outside of house for cracks around windows, outdoor lighting, 
​       & outlets

    ● Check roof for proper insulation
    ● Have furnace system inspected & cleaned

 For Security:
    ● Install sensored outdoor security lighting
    ● Trim all trees, bushes, and scrubs, so house is visible from street
    ● Install proper security locks on all doors & windows
    ● Install a proper & affordable alarm system
    ● Inform at least 1 trusted neighbor of any travel plans
    ● Form a Good Neighborhood Watch program

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